Additional events scheduled for 2024 - agendas forthcoming

Ortho Molecular, Stevens Point, WI  August 6, 2024

Plastic Ingenuity, Cross Plains, WI  August 8, 2024

Avail Switchgear, Oshkosh, WI - September 24, 2024

Rockland Flooring, Rockland, WI - October 2, 2024

Kwik Trip - LaCrosse, WI - October 3, 2024

Grande Cheese, Fond du Lac, WI  October 9, 2024

Green Bay Packaging, Green Bay, WI  - October 22, 2024

Bay Towel - Green Bay, WI - November 7, 2024

For more information contact: Laurie at WIAMEConsortia@gmail.com

Benchmarking tour: 


Kiel, WI

July 16, 2024

8:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Amerequip has been manufacturing metal whole good products for more than 100 years and is a premier contract manufacturer for some of the biggest OEMs in the implement business. Amerequip is a full product life cycle partner, from design, engineering, testing, production, and direct shipments to customers.

This event will provide a comprehensive look into Amerequip's practices, including the setting of corporate KPIs, the use of visual management boards and their Fusion (Obeya) Room, and the development of their lean management system. Attendees will also gain insights from a recent Inventory Kaizen event and participate in discussions on best practices for onboarding and training.


  8:45 a.m.   Registration  

  9:00 a.m.   Welcome members and guests

  9:15 a.m.   Amerequip Company Overview

                    Continuous Improvement journey

  o    Lean Management System

  o   Corporate KPI Setting

  o   Visual Management and cascading in the organization

  o   Inventory Kaizen - Problem solving event

  o    Q&A

10:15 a.m.   Facility tour

11:15 a.m.   Discussion topic - Onboarding and Training

            o    Members and guests share their process                  

12:00 p.m.   Lunch

12:45 p.m.   Small group activity, feedback exercise

  1:30 p.m.   Roundtable discussion and member updates

  2:25 p.m.   AME Consortia business - upcoming events and news             

  2:30 p.m.   Adjourn

Benchmarking tour: 

Plastic Ingenuity

Mazomanie, WI

August 8, 2024

8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Plastic Ingenuity does custom thermoforming for Healthcare, Food, and Consumer Products. With seven strategic locations, Plastic Ingenuity is one of the largest custom thermoformers in North America. PI brings your packaging vision to life, scales your product, and creates a partnership that lasts beyond your product's lifecycle.

Reducing change-over time is a key initiative for them, and they are seeking the support of Consortia members. We will tour their facility and participate in a change-over mini-Kaizen event. Members are encouraged to share their ideas on the overall change-over process and suggest improvements


  8:45 a.m.   Registration  

  9:00 a.m.   Welcome members and guests

  9:15 a.m.   Plastic Ingenuity Company Overview

                    Overview of current Kaizen process for Quick Changeover

  9:30 a.m.   Plant tour and observation of change over process (if possible)

10:30 a.m.   Member Q&A

10:45 a.m.   Review change over video

12:00 p.m.   Lunch

12:45 p.m.   Continue with identifying and documenting

  2:15 p.m.   Roundtable discussion and member updates

  2:25 p.m.   AME Consortia business - upcoming events and news             

  2:30 p.m.   Adjourn

Benchmarking Roundtable

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee, WI

September 18, 2024

8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Milwaukee Tool is a renowned manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories for users worldwide. Founded in 1924, the company has a long-standing reputation for innovation, quality, and durability, particularly in the construction and industrial sectors. Milwaukee Tool is known for its commitment to producing industry-leading products that enhance productivity and safety on the job site.

Members and guests will participate in small group discussions on topics including training strategies, certifications, and new employee onboarding. We'll explore the methods for best practice sharing for companies with multiple sites. utilizing effective communication through calls and Summits. Additionally, the upcoming trends in AI and Lean, digital transformation impacts, transitioning from manual to digital processes, and the evolving skillsets needed for our teams.


  8:45 a.m.   Registration  

  9:00 a.m.   Welcome members and guests

  9:15 a.m.   Milwaukee Tool Company Overview

                    Small group discussions – Rotations

11:50 a.m.   Working Lunch and Company Roundtable 

12:50 p.m.   Closing thoughts - pluses and deltas       

  1:00 p.m.   Adjourn

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